Engineers Photos.png

Callum Bates is one of our longest team members!

He impressed us that much he left us with no option but to give him a promotion from fitter's mate to a senior industrial door specialist!

When Callum isn't playing football with the rest of the lads from Behind Closed Doors Limited he can be found enjoying a pint in his local. In his own words 'He is a simple man with simple needs'.

"Senior Industrial Door Specialist"

Callum Bates

'The Simple Man'


Kieran Broome had been hunting for a position at Behind Closed Doors Limited for over a year! 

It didn't take much persuading to be offered a position with years of experience on construction sites and mechanics, not forgetting his sister is the manager.

If you need an opinion on something, Kieran is the one to go to, he always has an answer (even if it isn't the right one!).

Your often find Kieran tagging along with Callum, whether it's on the football pitch or at the local.

"Trainee Senior Industrial Door Specialist"

Kieran Broome

'The Opinionated One'


" The Dependables "

Engineers Photos.png

Ben Willis, son of the directors Colin and Sue started as an engineer but our 'All in one man' now holds the titles of industrial door specialist, surveyor and electrician! 

Ben cannot escape his work life with his parents being his bosses and his partner as his manager, poor man! 

In his spare time you will probably find Ben on his computer gaming with Luke or at some nerdy convention.

"Senior Electrical Industrial Door Specialist"

Ben Willis

'The all in one man'


" The Tech Team"

New Member of Staff.jpg

Matthew joined the tech team in July 2019 so we are still getting to know Matty. What this space for some fun facts about Matty.

"Industrial Door Specialist"

Matthew Blake

'The New Guy'

Engineers Photos.png

Luke Earl accompanies Elijah as part of 'The Dependables' team. We have had the pleasure to see Luke grow with confidence since he became a team member.

Although Luke's job title is an industrial door specialist, with his outside hobby of computer gaming, we would be silly not to take advantage of his 'Tech-expertise' within the office.

"Industrial Door Specialist"

Luke Earl

'The Tech Nerd'


" The Dependables "