When we say family run company, we mean...


Colin Willis
Susan Willis
Ben Willis
Linzy Small

Colin and Sue Willis took the plunge back in 1988 and started up Behind Closed Doors Limited. Starting off with only Colin and a fitters mate, making up the first ever engineering team and Sue within the office. They worked hard and long hours to reach targets with the set ambition to provide a service like no other at affordable prices for garage and industrial doors.

32+ years later and our company is still going strong with more team members and more clients!


Above, you can see our management family tree but it doesn't stop there! We also have brothers and sisters and even family friends in our firm!

Being such a close family / friend based company, we have trust and communication under our belt.

At Behind Closed Doors Limited, we all believe that providing our services in the garage and industrial door industry should be smooth sailing and stress free for our clients. This is the reason we pride ourselves in the quality of our doors and our customer service from survey to years after the works have been completed.​​