Roller shutters are designed for safety and security to your premises while providing easy access to those who you wish to have assess to your premises.




Manual operation is ideal for smaller openings where the door will be operated a limited number of times per day e.g. mechanic workshop.

We offer the following manual operations:

  • Hand chain,

  • Winding handle

  • Push up, pull down.


240V Power operation is ideal for commercial properties which have a limited number of operations per day e.g. shop fronts.

3-Phase power operation is suited to commercial properties with frequent / heavy duty usage e.g. loading bays.

We offer the following power operations:

  • Single Phase (240V) Tubular Operated 

  • Single (240V) Power Operated (inboard and outboard)

  • 3 Phase (440V) Power Operated (inboard and outboard)


We offer a variety of lathe:

  • 77mm 

  • 55mm

  • 44mm

  • Foam Filled

  • Double Skinned / Walled


Our roller shutters are supplied with anti-fall safety brakes, either built into or separate to the motor to ensure that the door does not fall more than 300 mm to comply with the latest regulations

All our doors are fully compliant to the latest health and safety regulation.

All doors are tested to the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) (EN13241-1:2003 + A1:2011).

Each door is fully compliant to the machinery directive ( 98 / 37 / EC).


All of our roller shutters can be finished in galvanised or powder coated to any standard RAL or BS colour.

Powder coating is offered as full surrounds or curtain only.