Up & over steel or timber garage doors are our classic range of garage doors.

The door slides up and over to lay flat underneath the ceiling, 




All our retractable and canopy garage doors can be manually operated and fitted with 2-point bar locking as standard (option of a 4-point locking bar is available).


Our retractable up and over garage doors can come as automated with automatic 3-point solid bar locking system as well as barrel locking (with key) for both inside and outside of your garage.

Due to the mechanics of the bow arm for automated up and overs, the head room is reduced leaving less opening height.

Panel and frames

Our up and over garage panels are available in sizes up to 4877mm width x 2134mm height


Retractable garage doors retract fully into the head room of your garage with no overhang outside of your garage. (both automated and manual). Comes complete with door frame of 70mm and 45mm head section.


Canopy garage doors are spring assisted garage doors, up and over into your garage leaving a third of your door out of the garage creating a canopy outside of the garage. Come complete with door frame of 54mm and 45mm head section.


All our doors are supplied with an anti-fall safety guide in case of cable breakage, catching the door and stopping the door from crashing down.


All of our doors are powder coated to any RAL and BS colour.

We also have a timber range.

A wide range of panel designs with and without windows